Eastertide: Our Journey Begins

Hey there friends,

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Resurrection Sunday is upon us, and so begins our Eastertide common reading of Jesus Journey.  For the next forty days we'll be making our way day-by-day, chapter-by-chapter through the life of Jesus... and I can hardly wait to get started!  Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of this time:

  1. During the next forty days, read one chapter of Jesus Journey each day, following the schedule below.
  2. Follow me on Facebook to receive daily images and quotes connected to the content from each chapter.
  3. Be on the lookout for daily blog posts from some amazing friends who will be sharing their thoughts from each chapter with us.
  4. Finally, please share your own thoughts by responding to the daily reflections, quotes, and images all along the way.

To get the ball rolling right now, take some time today if you can to dig into the introduction of Jesus Journey, where I explore one of the surprising turning points in my own understanding of the humanity of Jesus: 

"I still recall the moment it dawned on me that Jesus had an aunt..."

This is going to be a phenomenal time together, immersing ourselves in the life of Jesus throughout the Eastertide season!  And I'm especially grateful to my dear friends Stephanie Pekrul and Chelsea Hudson for providing us with such compelling and beautiful images to encourage us in the journey (props to Chelsea for the mesmerizing dock-in-the-water picture, and to Stephanie for the striking woman-with-child image.)

So, good people, let's spread the word about Eastertide 2017: Jesus Journey—especially while my publisher is offering a $2.99 Easter Ebook Sale—and let's dig deeply into the life of Jesus throughout these next forty days... one step at a time, day-by-day, chapter-by-chapter.

Because Christ has risen—he's risen indeed, eh?!

Godspeed in the journey,