For seekers, believers, and skeptics alike, the JESUS SERIES is a highly-interactive 5-part teaching experience that explores who Jesus is, what he did, and why we’re still talking about him 2000 years later:

  • PART 1. BOREDOM, BEAUTY & PAIN—A Conversation About Jesus & the Meaning of Life

  • PART 2. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES—A Conversation About Jesus & Changing the World

  • PART 3. FIRST & LAST—A Conversation About Jesus & Identity

  • PART 4. EMPIRE—A Conversation About Jesus & the Cross

  • PART 5. RESURRECTION—A Conversation About Jesus & Life After Death

The JESUS SERIES functions like ALPHA—including a meal, talk, and discussion—and Trent created the series while working with student groups at MIT, Emerson College, Boston University, etc.

To learn more about how to bring the JESUS SERIES to your campus, church, or community, just reach out via the connect page.

Trent makes the Jesus Series fun and exciting. His quotes and videos combine perfectly with the conversation, and it’s just the right amount of sharing personal stories and talking about God. He really accommodates for both the people who know Jesus and those who know nothing about him...”
— Lizzy Hill, student at Emerson College
Trent Sheppard is the best contemporary teacher about Jesus I know. Boston students flock to his Jesus course. We have had him speak to our student groups at Boston University and to our Northeast Regional Conference. I know of few people who can illuminate the astonishing stories and teachings of Jesus as well as Trent. His clarity, humor, passion, and winsomeness enable him to connect with people of any generation. He is simply one of the best Bible teachers around.
— Craig Parker, Boston City Leader, The Navigators
The Jesus Series was a huge blessing to our campus! It played an important role in bridging the gap that many college students have, that gap between who the Bible says Jesus is and who we understand Jesus to be in our lives. Every week Trent brought a fresh presentation of the life and times of Christ, and then took it a step further and showed us how it holds relevance in today’s society.
— Tyler Hunt, student at Merrimack College
When Trent shares, it always leads me to challenge assumptions.
— Kathleen Kraines, CRU campus staff, MIT