The readings are brief and meant to be read at your own pace, whether that's multiple chapters in a single setting or as a forty-day devotional over a few weeks.  Each chapter begins with a gospel passage, followed by a reflection, and then wraps up with a final "Ponder, Pray, Practice" section.

The "Ponder, Pray, Practice" sections encourage us to actually do something with what we're learning. Because following Jesus is not a theory to be figured out—it's a faith to be lived.



Jesus Journey is divided into Five parts:

Part 1.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Part 2.  Jesus and Abba

Part 3.  Jesus and His Friends

Part 4.  Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Part 5.  Breakfast on the Beach

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Jesus Journey took my heart on a journey from familiar to fascinated. It’s the kind of book that goes beyond just filling your head with information; it’s a book that leads your heart into an encounter with the real and living God.
— Jonathan Helser, singer and songwriter of the viral hit "No Longer Slaves"
Through brilliant storytelling, and without compromising the divinity of Jesus, Trent brings the reader face-to-face with this unique, compelling, Jewish man from Nazareth - a man who has impacted history like no other. All readers, no matter how well they know Jesus, will benefit from this book. Be prepared to gaze upon Jesus in ways that will change you forever.
— Maureen Menard, Director of Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, University of the Nations, Youth With A Mission
My good friend and kingdom-coconspirator Trent has authority in painting a portrait of Jesus because he’s fought so hard to stay right on his heels.  I want to see and know the man I have given my life to following, and Jesus Journey adds a beautiful brushstroke to my portrait of the real, raw, relatable, passionate, all-powerful King Jesus.  I will joyfully never see him the same.
— Brad Corrigan, member of the indie band Dispatch; founder and president of Love Light & Melody
Like Paul commended Titus to the church in Corinth and Phoebe to the church in Rome, I commend my friend Trent Sheppard to you.  He’s been a friend for almost two decades now, we’ve traveled together in ministry on several continents in a small group, and I know his Godly life walk.  Trent is the real deal.  He’s taught multitudes, and his mind “runs deep” with the things of God.  His message of Jesus will inform, inspire, and ignite your walk with Jesus.
— Loren Cunningham, Founder of Youth With A Mission
Jesus is and always will be the greatest leader the world has ever seen... and Jesus Journey shows us what it practically means to follow him in a deeper way.
— Brad Lomenick, former president of Catalyst; author of H3 Leadership and The Catalyst Leader
Here is iconoclasm: recovering the real Jesus out of religious iconography.
— Vishal Mangalwadi, author of The Book That Made Your World