If the Gospel is true, he still is...


Encounter Jesus again—as if for the first time—by experiencing his breathing, heart-beating, body-and-blood, crying-and-laughing, down-to-earth, mind-blowing humanity.

Christians worldwide believe that Jesus is God. But this belief wasn’t the starting point for Jesus’ earliest followers. While Jesus’ humanity was a given for the disciples, his divinity was a truth they grew into believing—it was a journey of faith.

Christians today are also called into a faith journey—this time, to rediscover Jesus’ humanity. Yes, we believe that Jesus is God, but do we truly believe that Jesus is human? And if so, how does that transform our own experience of being human?


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In this immersive experience of a book, the life of Jesus leaps right off the page and into our lives with disruption and hope and healing. Jesus Journey reminded me of not only why I follow Jesus but why I love him so.
— Sarah Bessey, author of Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith and Jesus Feminist
Trent Sheppard’s new book, Jesus Journey, is a wonder. It’s an invitation for both Christians and non-Christians to explore the incidents, people, and circumstances of Jesus’ life to understand how they impact our lives today. Anyone interested in a well-grounded exploration of both the historical Jesus and the Christ of faith—-for they are one and the same—-can’t find a better guide than this book.
— Robert J. Hutchinson, author of The Dawn of Christianity and Searching for Jesus

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I found myself nodding, underlining and muttering “YES!” on almost every page. Jesus Journey is a vitally important message. This book has the power to reintroduce you to the One you always longed to know.
— Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer & Emmaus Road Church; author of Red Moon Rising, God on Mute, and Dirty Glory
Trent Sheppard draws us back to the compelling personality and beautiful humanity of Jesus. While reading, I began to recall my first love for Christ. After reading, I love Him more. A gift to the Church and world.
— Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of The Veritas Forum; co-author and editor of Finding God at Harvard
Read this book and see Jesus from new angles; he lives on its pages. Trent Sheppard brings us into the wonderfully unsettling place of drawing near and seeing Jesus more clearly.
— The Reverend Timothy Clayton, Rector of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church; author of Exploring Advent with Luke